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Get sturdy and durable range of Water-Cooling Ingot Casting Machine, Steel Products, Heavy Duty Gas Turbine etc., at industrial leading rates. 

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About Our Company

We, Hanye Special Steel Co. Ltd, are pleased to introduce ourselves in the market as a profound business firm that deals in a diverse range of industrial products. In the year 2003 we commenced our journey as a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of this sector and have rapidly grown. Our offered range comprises Steel Products, Boiler And Pressure Vessel, Heavy Duty Gas Turbine, High Speed Tool Steel, ACC Cooling System and many more. 

The thickness, size and shape of the slabs, steel grade and allied products depend on the requirements of our customers. Our products find their use in Heavy Machinery, Engineering, Shipbuilding, Construction, Oil And Petrochemicals and allied industries.

Moreover, we distribute our products not only in China but abroad as well and have gained some reputed clients, who are greatly satisfied by our goods and services. We would also like to inform that we are a subsidiary of the Nanyang Hanye Special Steel Co., Ltd, which is involved in the manufacturing of carbon steel, mould steel, corrosion-resistance steel, and low-alloy high-strength steel; combining steel making, iron making, steel rolling, mold casting, continuous casting and heat treatment processes.
  • It is a Standing director unit of China Steel & Iron Industrial Association and China Special Steel Enterprise Association
  • It is a Deputy director unit of Henan Steel & Iron Industry Association, China Industrial and Commercial Industry and Commercial Industry Federation Chamber of Commerce.
Our Infrastructure Plant

Our company owns heat treatment facilities and high tech secondary refining technology by the incorporation of which we are able to quench, temper, normalize and anneal to meet the special requirements for different plates of various grades. All the industrial products that we make go through heat treatment process and then according to the requirements of our customers they are fabricated into cutting edge goods. The other divisions of our plant that comprises quality controlling, storehouse and packaging divisions are also aided with robust equipment to make the job works easier for our workers.

The annual production capacity of our company is 3 million tons, which can be expanded to 5 million tons. The ingot production line of our company is equipped with all kinds of common ingot and R&D and exclusive patented set of water-cooling static ingot equipments; which are used for the production of steel plate with excellent inner quality similar to that produced by ESR (electro-slag remelting) technology. The ingot weighing up to 60T is produced. While, heavier ingots can be designed upon client's request.

The continuous lines of our company has 420mm*2700mm continuous casting machine with the biggest straight-arc section in the world. The 3800 rolling machine with 86000 KN rolling force and  1200mm opening, is used for the production of continuous casting slabs and ingots that meet special demands of clients.

Producing Equipment

  • Main equipment: One double-work KR desulphurization station, Two 120t LF refinery furnaces, Two 120mt VD vacuum refinery furnaces, Three 120t converters, 3300mm*1600mm & 400mm*2700mm continuous casting line, Realize pre-desulphurization, Advanced converter smelt technology and refining technology outside electric furnace, LF furnace refining, Converter smelt, VD vacuum degassing and Continuous casting to billet process
  • The technologies involved in the continuous casting, include liquid level auto-control, the mould on-line control, dynamic water cooling, dynamic soft reduction, hydraulic vibration, and electromagnetic stirring in the secondary cooling zone.
  • The purity of clean liquid steel can be guaranteed as: S ≤0.001% P ≤0.005% O ≤0.002%H ≤0.0001% N ≤0.003%.
  • Large slab weight: The thickest CC slab is 420mm. The ingot case is available in 18T, 24T, 32T, 43T, 48T, 55T and 60T, to meet the requirement of several clients.
  • World's biggest straight-curve continuous casting machine (420mm*2700mm)
-Mould Casting

Mould casting lines have 24-48T standard ingot and self researched and patented water-cooling mould, for the production of the heaviest steel ingot weighing 60T. More heavier ingot can be designed on the demand of client. High-alloy & low-alloy steel, die steel and carbon structural steel can be developed, with performance and defect detection thickness below 400mm.

-Steel Rolling

The steel rolling line includes a 3800mm rolling line, 3500mm rolling line and 5000t flatting machine. The 3800mm rolling line with up to 96000KN maximum rolling capacity can produce slabs below 100mm with guaranteed flaw detection and capability, slabs below 400mm rolled with steel ingot with guaranteed flaw detection and capability as well as slabs below 600mm with shape control and chemical composition guaranteed; meeting the high precise, strength and toughness requirements. The slabs below 50mm  is rolled and processed with ACC Cooling System, wherein, its surface temperature is cooled quickly by Laminar-type fast cooling, which will refine grain, result in uniform organization and better the performance of steel plate.

-Heat Treatment

Advanced Heat Treatment Facilities, Roller-type normalizing furnace, 8 sets of rolling-type normalizing heat treatment furnace, 10 sets of external mechanized heat treatment furnace and 3 sets of roller-type car-bottom heat treatment furnace; for tempering, normalizing, annealing, and quenching heat treatments, to to satisfy special requirement of different steel.
  • Roller-external mechanized furnace
  • Roller-type normalizing furnace
  • Roller-type Car-bottom furnace

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